laboratoire pierre aigrain
électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Graphene transport

Jean-Marc Berroir
Gwendal Fève
Bernard Plaçais

Pascal Morfin

Wei Yang

PhD Students
Holger Graef

The Mesoscopic Physics Group investigates electronic charge and spin dynamics in coherent quantum conductors. Pionnering transport experiments in the subnanosecond timescale are performed in high mobility GaAlAs/GaAs 2D electron gases, single wall carbon nanotubes and more recently graphen nanoribbons.

The Quantum-Mechanical Electronics Group explores the possibilities offered by superconducting circuits and microwave signals in order to process quantum information and realize quantum machines.

In the Superconductivity Group, thin superconductor films are studied by time resolved resistance measurements. Current research concerns superconducting filaments for the detection of tiny energy pulses.