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électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Optical and electronic properties of nano-objects

This activity is organized into three experimental groups which are all supported by a daily interaction with the condensed matter theoreticians within the LPA:

- The Coherent and Non-Linear Optics Group is interested in the optical properties of nano-objects, which can be either semiconductor based heterostructures (quantum dots, microcavities...) or less classical materials like carbon nanotubes. Various and sophisticated technics of coherent and non-linear optics are used.

- Ultra-fast THz spectroscopy has become a powerful technique for investigating a large variety of domains, in particular semiconductor nanostructures and their intra-band transitions. The Ultra-Fast THz Spectroscopy Group recently started this experimental activity at LPA and applies it to investigate and improve THz quantum cascade lasers.

- The THZ/IR Magnetospectroscopy Group investigates semiconductor nanostructure devices in the infrared range using precise transport measurements under magnetic field, and sensitive infrared or THz magnetospectroscopy.