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Ultrafast Terahertz spectroscopy

Sukhdeep Dhillon
Juliette Mangeney
Jérôme Tignon

Hanond Nong

PhD Students
Sarah Houver
Panhui Huang
Sylvain Massabeau
Valentino Pistore
Feihu Wang


The Terahertz (THz) group at LPA is specialized in ultra-fast THz spectroscopy for the investigation of semiconductor nanostructures.

The terahertz (THz) frequency range lies between the microwave and mid-infrared ranges and offers unique investigations into fundamental physical properties of materials where a range of fundamental interactions occur in the THz range, such as intersubband transitions, spin excitations and collective effects. Further, the THz range provides unique applications in various domains including security imaging, astronomy and detection of gases.

Ultrafast THz spectroscopy is a powerful technique to study a range of systems from semiconductors, superconductors, dielectrics to biomolecules. This method presents numerous analogies with ultrafast techniques in the optical domain and largely based on ultrafast femtosecond laser and coherent techniques. The THz group exploits these recent technical advances to the study the ultrafast dynamics of nanostructures in the THz range. These include, for example, graphene, quantum cascade lasers and novel THz antennas.

Responsable : Sukhdeep DHILLON