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Anatomy of fluorescence: quantum trajectory statistics from continuously measuring spontaneous emission - Jordan, Andrew N. and Chantasri, Areeya and Rouchon, Pierre and Huard, Benjamin
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Widely Tunable Single-Photon Source from a Carbon Nanotube in the Purcell Regime - Jeantet, A. and Chassagneux, Y. and Raynaud, C. and Roussignol, Ph. and Lauret, J. S. and Besga, B. and Estève, J. and Reichel, J. and Voisin, C.
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Foreword - Max Hofheinz and Benjamin Huard and Fabien Portier
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High Electron Mobility in Epitaxial Trilayer Graphene on Off-axis SiC(0001) - Hajlaoui, Mahdi and Sediri, Haikel and Pierucci, Debora and Henck, Hugo and Phuphachong, Thanyanan and Silly, Mathieu G. and de Vaulchier, Louis-Anne and Sirotti, Fausto and Guldner, Yves and Belkhou, Rachid and Ouerghi, Abdelkarim
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Observing Quantum State Diffusion by Heterodyne Detection of Fluorescence - Campagne-Ibarcq, P. and Six, P. and Bretheau, L. and Sarlette, A. and Mirrahimi, M. and Rouchon, P. and Huard, B.
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Using Spontaneous Emission of a Qubit as a Resource for Feedback Control - Campagne-Ibarcq, P. and Jezouin, S. and Cottet, N. and Six, P. and Bretheau, L. and Mallet, F. and Sarlette, A. and Rouchon, P. and Huard, B.
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Cavity Photons as a Probe for Charge Relaxation Resistance and Photon Emission in a Quantum Dot Coupled to Normal and Superconducting Continua - Bruhat, L. E. and Viennot, J. J. and Dartiailh, M. C. and Desjardins, M. M. and Kontos, T. and Cottet, A.
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Massive and massless Dirac fermions in Pb1-xSnxTe topological crystalline insulator probed by magneto-optical absorption - Assaf, B. A. and Phuphachong, T. and Volobuev, V. V. and Inhofer, A. and Bauer, G. and Springholz, G. and de Vaulchier, L. A. and Guldner, Y.
Scientific Reports 6 (2016)
Sensitive Radio-Frequency Measurements of a Quantum Dot by Tuning to Perfect Impedance Matching - Ares, N. and Schupp, F. J. and Mavalankar, A. and Rogers, G. and Griffiths, J. and Jones, G. A. C. and Farrer, I. and Ritchie, D. A. and Smith, C. G. and Cottet, A. and Briggs, G. A. D. and Laird, E. A.
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Hofstadter Butterfly and Many-Body Effects in Epitaxial Graphene Superlattice - Yang, Wei and Lu, Xiaobo and Chen, Guorui and Wu, Shuang and Xie, Guibai and Cheng, Meng and Wang, Duoming and Yang, Rong and Shi, Dongxia and Watanabe, Kenji and Taniguchi, Takashi and Voisin, Christophe and Plaçais, Bernard and Zhang, Yuanbo and Zhang, Guangyu
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Contact gating at GHz frequency in graphene - Wilmart, Q. and Inhofer, A. and Boukhicha, M. and Yang, W. and Rosticher, M. and Morfin, P. and Garroum, N. and Fève, G. and Berroir, J. -M. and Plaçais, B.
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Engineered far-fields of metal-metal terahertz quantum cascade lasers with integrated planar horn structures - Wang, F. and Kundu, I. and Chen, L. and Li, L. and Linfield, E. H. and Davies, A. G. and Moumdji, S. and Colombelli, R. and Mangeney, J. and Tignon, J. and Dhillon, S. S.
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Diameter-selective non-covalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes with porphyrin monomers. - Vialla, F and Delport, G and Chassagneux, Y and Roussignol, Ph and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien and Voisin, C
Nanoscale  (2016)
Two-electron coherence and its measurement in electron quantum optics - Thibierge, É. and Ferraro, D. and Roussel, B. and Cabart, C. and Marguerite, A. and Fève, G. and Degiovanni, P.
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Anomalous metallic state in quasi-two-dimensionalBaNiS2 - Santos-Cottin, David and Gauzzi, Andrea and Verseils, Marine and Baptiste, Benoit and Feve, Gwendal and Freulon, Vincent and Plaçais, Bernard and Casula, Michele and Klein, Yannick
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