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Sensitive Radio-Frequency Measurements of a Quantum Dot by Tuning to Perfect Impedance Matching - Ares, N. and Schupp, F. J. and Mavalankar, A. and Rogers, G. and Griffiths, J. and Jones, G. A. C. and Farrer, I. and Ritchie, D. A. and Smith, C. G. and Cottet, A. and Briggs, G. A. D. and Laird, E. A.
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Time dependent electronic transport in chiral edge channels - Fève, G. and Berroir, J.-M. and Plaçais, B.
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Measuring the Photon Coalescence Time Window in the Continuous-Wave Regime for Resonantly Driven Semiconductor Quantum Dots - Proux, Raphael and Maragkou, Maria and Baudin, Emmanuel and Voisin, Christophe and Roussignol, Philippe and Diederichs, Carole
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A compact design for the Josephson mixer: The lumped element circuit - Pillet, J.-D. and Flurin, E. and Mallet, F. and Huard, B.
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Spectral modification of the laser emission of a terahertz quantum cascade laser induced by broad-band double pulse injection seeding - Markmann, Sergej and Nong, Hanond and Pal, Shovon and Hekmat, Negar and Scholz, Sven and Kukharchyk, Nadezhda and Ludwig, Arne and Dhillon, Sukhdeep and Tignon, JÃrÃme and Marcadet, Xavier and Bock, Claudia and Kunze, Ulrich and Wieck, Andreas D. and Jukam, Nathan
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Speed of evolution in large asexual populations with diminishing returns - Fumagalli, Maria and Osella, Matteo and Thomen, Philippe and Heslot, FranÃois and Lagomarsino, Marco Cosentino
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