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Room-Temperature Polariton Lasing in All-Inorganic Perovskite Nanoplatelets - Su, Rui and Diederichs, Carole and Wang, Jun and Liew, Timothy C. H. and Zhao, Jiaxin and Liu, Sheng and Xu, Weigao and Chen, Zhanghai and Xiong, Qihua
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Condensed-matter physics: Attractive electrons from nanoengineering - Kontos, Takis
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Foreword - Max Hofheinz and Benjamin Huard and Fabien Portier
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High Electron Mobility in Epitaxial Trilayer Graphene on Off-axis SiC(0001) - Hajlaoui, Mahdi and Sediri, Haikel and Pierucci, Debora and Henck, Hugo and Phuphachong, Thanyanan and Silly, Mathieu G. and de Vaulchier, Louis-Anne and Sirotti, Fausto and Guldner, Yves and Belkhou, Rachid and Ouerghi, Abdelkarim
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