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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Séminaire Jeunes, 29 Septembre 2015

Udson C. Mendes, postdoc
Cavity squeezing by a quantum conductor

The ability to generate and control squeezed light is a key ingredient toward the development of continuous variable quantum computation [1]. In this context, quantum conductors coupled to microwave resonator can be used to produce squeezed light in a controlled way [2].
In this seminar, I will discuss the theory of squeezed light generation by a quantum conductor coupled to a microwave resonator. First, I will demonstrate that the cavity field correlation functions are determined by the current-current correlators of the quantum conductor. Following, considering a tunnel junction as the quantum conductor, I will show that, in the presence of AC voltage, the cavity field can be driven to a squeezed state and be squeezed up to 42% of the ground-state by increasing the number of harmonics that excite the tunnel junction, as illustrated in the figure. A pure squeezed state is obtained with an asymmetric quantum dot excited with a sharp Leviton pulse.

[1] S. L. Braunstein and P. v. Loock, Rev. Mod. Phys. 77, 513 (2005).
[2] U. C. Mendes and C. Mora, ArXiv e-print : arXiv:1505.00031.