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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Séminaire, 15 septembre 2014

Joel Bellessa (ILM Lyon 1)
Collective emission and lasing in hybrid metal/semiconductor systems

The proximity of metal nanostructures can affect the optical properties of molecules or semiconductor, due to the plasmons supported by the metallic interface. Depending on the nature of the active material involved, the physical modifications can be drastically different. During this talk, I will present some applications of plasmons coupled to highly ordered inorganic semiconductor and to disordered organic materials.
For disordered organic materials the hybridization with surface plasmon can coherently couple independent molecules. In-phase emission of such localized emitters separated by several microns has been evidenced, showing the formation of a macroscopic coherent state. The extension of this coherent state over a large number of molecules could lead to energy transfer over micrometer scale mediated by the plasmon.
The interaction with plasmons finds an applicative interest for very ordered inorganic materials like semiconductor quantum wells (GaAs). Indeed lasing can be obtained if the quantum wells are inserted in a structure supporting Tamm plasmon modes. These alternative surface modes appear at the interface between a dielectric stack and a metal interface and present reduced losses compared to conventional plasmons. Moreover efficient control of the spontaneous emission of the quantum wells can be obtained if the Tamm modes are spatially confined leading to a reduction of the lasing threshold.