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électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Séminaire, 8 Septembre 2014

Ermin Malic (TU Berlin)
Microscopic view on ultrafast phenomena in graphene

The talk reviews our recent investigations on the coupled carrier, phonon, and photon dynamics in optically excited graphene. Performing time-, momentum-, and angle-resolved calculations, we obtain a microscopic view on distinct ultrafast phenomena in graphene : (i) We show the appearance of a highly anisotropic carrier population and discuss its impact on polarization-sensitive differential transmission. (ii) We predict significant Auger-induced carrier multiplication in the low excitation regime. Applying strong magnetic fields, we even demonstrate both in theory and experiment the predominant role of Auger scattering in Landau-quantized graphene. (iii) In strong excited graphene, we show the appearance of a phonon-induced population inversion and investigate the applicability of graphene as novel gain medium for broadband lasers.