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Welker Award 2014 attributed to Gérald Bastard

The Welker Award 2014 has been attributed to Dr. Gérald Bastard from the Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain ENS in Paris for seminal contributions to the theory of electron states in semiconductor heterostructures (Envelope
Function Approximation, Quantum Well Stark effect, energy relaxation in Quantum Dots)
The Welker Award was established in 1976 by Siemens AG in honor of Heinrich Welker, the pioneer in the field of III-V compound semiconductors. The award is now supported by Osram GmbH and given away for outstanding research in the area of III-V compound semiconductors.
The Awards will be presented on Tuesday 13th May 2014 during the International Symposium for Compound Semiconductors in Montpellier.

Dr. Gérald Bastard