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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminaire, 31 mars 2014

Ivan Favero (MPQ, Paris)
Optomechanics : the interaction of light and mechanical resonators

Mechanical systems of ultimately small size and mass (micro or nanoscale) are sensible to the mechanical action of light, even when a simple light beam illuminates them. Radiation pressure, photothermal pressure or electro-striction forces are for example able to induce measurable displacements of mechanically compliant micro-mirrors or nanowires. I will review the principles, together with recent work, that led to the (quantum) optical control of micro and nano mechanical systems, from compliant Fabry-Perot cavities down to the case of a single carbon nanotube. I will also present our research on Gallium Arsenide nano-optomechanical systems with an extreme level of cooperativity and discuss their potential, ranging from optical cooling of mechanical motion into the quantum regime, to the development of on-chip optical/mechanical nano sensors or the realization of polaronic strong coupling regimes involving phonons, photons and excitons.