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Séminaire 21 mai 2012

Ronald Hanson (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology)
Quantum entanglement of spins in diamond : generation, detection and application

Quantum entanglement- the property that particles can share a common state even when separated by a large distance- was heavily debated during most of the previous century. Entanglement is now viewed as a powerful resource that enables realizing tasks in information processing and communication security that are classically impossible. At the same time, exploring controllable quantum systems in solids enables new studies on fundamental physics such as quantum measurement and decoherence.

Diamond has recently emerged as a unique platform for quantum information science [1]. We can now image, control and read out the spin state of single electrons and nuclei in diamond [2,3]. In this talk I will explain how we do this, and describe some of our most recent experiments that includes the execution of a small quantum algorithm [4] and the creation of entanglement between nuclear spins by projective measurement.

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