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Séminaire 5 mars 2012

Julien Claudon<br class='autobr' />( <br />Equipe mixte CEA-CNRS ‘NanoPhysique et SemiConducteurs’ (Grenoble, France)
Photonic nanowires : a new resource for solid-state quantum optics

Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are attractive solid-state quantum light emitters (no blinking nor bleaching, high radiative yield, fast emission rate). In particular, they can be used for on-demand single-photon generation. However, the high refractive index of the semiconductor matrix surrounding the QD prevents an efficient light collection in the far-field. To overcome this limitation, one of the most powerful strategy consists in integrating the QD within a controlled electromagnetic environment, to funnel its spontaneous emission (SE) into a desired optical mode.

In this talk, I will review theoretical and experimental results obtained on fiber-like GaAs photonic wires embedding InAs QDs. These waveguide structures offer a very efficient and broadband spontaneous emission (SE) control [1,2]. Moreover, a proper tailoring of the wire ends theoretically brings the light extraction efficiency close to 100%. Using these structures, we have realized a single-photon source combining a record-high brightness with a pure single-photon emission [3]. The perspectives opened by this work in the field of solid-state quantum optics will be discussed in the end of the talk.

[1] J. Bleuse et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 103601 (2011).

[2] M. Munsch et al., to appear in Phys. Rev. Lett.

[3 ] J. Claudon, et al., Nature Photonics 4, 174 (2010).