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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Séminaire 27 février 2012

What a physicist can do outside academics from polaritons at ENS to eBikes at Bosch

The name ‘Bosch‘ is well known for its power tools, dish washers or windshield wipers. Today there are more than 300 000 people working for ‘Bosch’ all over the globe. Unlike the competitors the Robert Bosch GmbH is not noted at the stock market, but owned by the Bosch foundation. The Bosch foundation finances for example cultural exchange programs or hospitals from the profits of the company. The business activities range from solar cells to IT solutions, from packaging machines to micromechanics gyroscopes. One of the latest developments in the portfolio are propulsion systems for eBikes. The presentation will give insight into the perspectives of eMobility and the role of eBikes in future mobility concepts. The key technologies for such light electric vehicles will be presented.
Besides technological aspects the presentation will give an overview on the job activities of a physicist in a global manufacturing company.