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Séminaire du 03/03/2008

Pavlos Lagoudakis<br class='autobr' />( School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southampton, U.K.)
Nanophotonics : from single dots to hybrid optoelectronics

The whole gamut of nanoscience consists of investigations on the
nanoscale and nano-engineering of artificial structures that give
rise to desirable macroscopic physical properties. As an example,
shape control in the synthesis of colloidal semiconductor
nanostructures offers unprecedented abilities to tune the interaction
of solid state quantum structures with the environment, opening up
the possibility of performing truly nanoscale manipulations of the
optical and electronic properties. Control of light-matter
interaction on the single wavefunction level constitutes a powerful
characterization tool to access the elementary physical nature of
nanoparticles and enables novel functions such as spectral modulation
due to the quantum confined Stark effect on the single particle level
[1] and exciton storage at room temperature within a single
nanostructure [2], a feat previously identified as highly desirable
yet improbable with prior approaches. By unfolding the intriguing
dynamics that govern the optoelectronic properties at the nanoscale,
we can further engineer nanostructures in novel hybrid configurations
of organic/inorganic materials with applications in light emitting
diodes and artificial light harvesting complexes [3].

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