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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Séminaire Jeune, 14 Décembre 2016

Tom Carnaut (Doctorant LPA)
Nanodiamants en lévitation pour l’optomécanique de translation et de torsion

Defects embedded within diamond have interesting properties as artificial atoms, specifically, the Nitrogen Vacancy center (NV center) is notably used for its spin and magnetic sensitivity properties. The final goal of the project I am working on is to use NV centers within a levitating diamond to control its motion in a Paul trap and -for example- achieve ground state cooling of the center of mass energy. Here, I will first quickly explain how one can obtain such an optomechanic coupling, then present preliminary experimental results of spin manipulation within a trapped diamond and finally introduce a proposition for coupling an NV spin to the angular degree of freedom of a trapped diamond in stead of its center of mass.